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Coordinated Support - Open Place


The Co-ordinated Support Program assists Forgotten Australians to improve their health and well being. It provides information, referral, casework and advocacy for those Forgotten Australians in need. It is a service available to Forgotten Australians as individuals and/or within their family setting.

The program helps Forgotten Australians access mainstream health and support services. The priority of the Co-ordinated Support service is to assist those service users with complex medical/health and support needs.

Open Place Co-ordinated Support staff works to identify and educate local health and support services throughout Victoria about the needs of Forgotten Australians. This strategy aims to ensure Forgotten Australians are given priority access to local services wherever possible.

The Co-ordinated Support Program is also responsible for the programmatic management of Social and Support Groups

Please contact Co-ordinated Support staff for information, advice and assistance in accessing health and support services.

Service Users will be able to access a limited health and support fund that may assist in accessing designated health services and in circumstances of dire need. As of 1 July 2017 there are new guidelines to accessing funds relating to health and support brokerage. This can be found here.