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Welcome to the Open Place web site.

On this web site you will find information about the services we provide and how Forgotten Australians can access these services.

We are committed to continuing and expanding our outreach capacity in order to better serve isolated Forgotten Australians and isolated communities.

A great achievement for Forgotten Australians is the announcement of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuses. Please visit our
Royal Commission page under "About Forgotten Australians" for information and updates.

Open Place will continue to provide information and updates via our web site and by mail.


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Open Place Response to Royal Commission Consultation Paper

Open Place has written a response in regards to the Consultation Paper as released by the Royal Commission.

Click here to view Open Place's response.

Royal Commission releases consultation paper on redress and civil litigation

Please remember:
  • This is only a consultation paper.
  • The paper does contain possible options for redress payment but these are only options.
  • Nothing has been finalised.
  • The Royal Commission is seeking advice and further consultation about the options contained in the paper.

Open Place will provide, on request, a copy of the executive summary. We are unable to provide copies of the full paper as it runs to 300 pages.

The forthcoming newsletter (February 2015) will contain a brief summary of the main points.
Everybody is invited to respond to the consultation paper. Open Place will prepare a submission and will canvass your views via support groups and your conversations with staff members.

Open Place has prepared some notes about some of the issues and main points that we believe are important.

Click here to view Open Place's notes on the submission.

Open Place will be happy to forward your submission to the Royal Commission.

Click here to read the Royal Commission's media release and for more details regarding submissions.

Click here for the consultation paper or to make a submission directly to the Royal Commission.

The Forgotten Australians (LOFA) Research Project
This important research is funded by the Australian Research Council and wants to hear from adult survivors of Australian childhood institutions or Out of Home Care, who left care during the period 1930-1989.

The researchers want to learn from these Forgotten Australians or ‘care’ leavers about their experience in care and what it was like and what it is like for them now. It is important that Forgotten Australians’ voices are listened to and heard.

In the first half of 2015, LOFA are inviting Forgotten Australians to complete an online survey and/or take part in an individual interview or, participate in a focus group.

The LOFA study seeks to build knowledge about the experiences and positive and negative life outcomes of these children.

This research will fill the gap in knowledge about Forgotten Australians who lived in care during the last century in Australia and assist in providing a knowledge base for developing responsive services for this population.

To complete the survey online visit:
Or if you prefer to complete a paper version or need assistance to complete the survey, phone: (02) 9385 1516.

Open Place will continue to provide information about this important project in our 2015 Newsletters and on the web site.