Thread Together are an external service that collects unsold, brand-new clothing from fashion retailers around the country. With the support of volunteers, the clothes are sorted in readiness to be distributed to people in need through their national network of charities and social service agencies.


Open Place are partnered with the Thread Together service where clothing is given at no cost to people. You are able to choose up to 8-10 items of clothing as well as shoes and accessories as needed. You are able to visit Thread Together once every 3 months. 

The service runs via appointments and referrals/bookings are to be made through Open Place.

You can attend the clothing hub alone or with support from a worker, friend, or family member.

Locations: Richmond, Ballarat, or Wangaratta.

If you are interested to attend at either location or discuss further, please call Open Place 1800 779 379.


Please see their website for more information:


Via appointments only. 

Bookings to be made through Open Place.