What is a service charter?

We are working constantly to improve our services for Forgotten Australians.

This Service Charter outlines what Open Place does, the principles we work to, and what Forgotten Australians can expect from us.

Our multidisciplinary team of creative, flexible, and professional staff are committed to the principles of Open Place.

Our team works together with service users to identify the needs of Forgotten Australians and to deliver high quality, caring services for you and your families. We believe in reaching out and in being accountable to Forgotten Australians for the way that we deliver our services.

Our principles

Showing humility and courage

  • Open Place wants Forgotten Australians to express your views.
  • We will not shy away from criticisms or concerns of others or ignore the lessons of history (including the recent past).
  • We will represent the interests of Forgotten Australians and your immediate families, in the wider service sector and the community.
  • We will advocate for changes to the delivery of services to which Forgotten Australians are entitled where those services are seen as inaccessible, discriminatory or otherwise not meeting your needs.

Being respectful and strengths-oriented

  • We will celebrate achievements, resilience and survival.
  • Services, including individualised planning, recognise and work with the strengths and capacities of each individual.

Committing to flexibility and integration

  • Every effort will be made to ensure Open Place is accessible to Victorian Forgotten Australians regardless of where you live, your abilities or their financial circumstances.
  • We will provide information and assistance to help Forgotten Australians to access support from other services you need.

Demonstrating accountability

  • Our staff and volunteers will be skilled and have the knowledge and values required to perform their duties to the highest possible standard.
  • Action, learning and review will focus on outcomes and we will build knowledge to inform service development, policy and practice change.
  • Working together and being inclusive.
  • We will promote a sense of ‘place’ by providing the space and resources to enable Forgotten Australians and your families to feel safe, welcome and acknowledged.

Honouring diversity and being culturally sensitive

  • We will value the beliefs, traditions and heritage of everyone and will make every effort to provide a service which honours culture.