Open Place Social and Support Groups provide a forum for Forgotten Australians to meet to discuss common interests and participate in joint activities and events that enhance the health and wellbeing of Forgotten Australians. Social and Support Groups can also provide advice and consultation to Open Place.

There are 13 Social and Support Groups (S&SGs) throughout Victoria. These groups meet monthly. Open Place provides resources to support S&SGs to hire meeting facilities, provide basic tea and coffee facilities and to undertake group activities such as outings. Open Place will assist with the organisation and facilitation of these groups.

  • All S&SGs will continue to receive funding. An annual budget will be determined by Open Place based on the number of active members.
  • Each S&SG will decide on a consensus basis how the funds are to be used (please refer to Social and Support Group Guidelines below for further information). Open Place will manage the expending of the money and will keep the group informed of the running total.

Please contact Co-ordinated Support staff for location and meeting details of S&SGs.

contact us to find out more about your nearest social support group.

Social and Support Group Guidelines