Victorian Government Releases Consultation Paper on Redress Scheme and Civil Litigation



The Victorian Government is seeking community views on the development of a Victorian redress scheme for victims of institutional child abuse.

The paper explores key issues surrounding a potential Victorian redress scheme for institutional child abuse.

The consultation paper is the next step in the Government’s election commitment to implement all outstanding recommendations from the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Handling of Child Abuse by Religious and Other Non-Government organisations.

The inquiry delivered the Betrayal of Trust report, and one of their recommendations was that the government should consider creating another way for survivors of institutional child abuse to bring claims of abuse against institutions, instead of requiring them to bring their claims to court.

The scheme aims to provide victims with alternative ways to seek justice and it is essential that the Government consults with key stakeholders to develop a redress scheme.

The Victorian Government is looking at “options for a redress scheme to consider abuse that occurred in both government and non-government institutions.”

The government invites stakeholders and members of the public to make a submission in response to this paper by Monday 5 October 2015.

Open Place is seeking advice from Forgotten Australians that will inform the Open Place submission. Please contact Open Place’s manager with any comments.

The release of the consultation paper does not preclude Victoria’s participation in a national scheme. The Government remains prepared to consult and work with other Australian governments to address the harm of institutional child abuse.