blueknot are offering a FREE educational workshop for Family, Friends and Loved Ones of Survivors.


Who are blueknot?                        

blueknot are the National Centre of Excellence for Complex Trauma. They advocate for and provide support to people who have experiences of complex trauma, and those who support them, personally and professionally.


About the workshop:

If you are supporting a survivor this workshop is for you. It will provide you with some of the knowledge and tools you will need to provide good support, as well as to look after yourself.

By attending this workshop, participants will learn about becoming more trauma-informed, which is a compassionate approach to supporting people with trauma experiences. This workshop will share knowledge about how stress can affect children as they develop, and how the biological stress response can still affect people later in life, including what may trigger them and how. Participants will also be given strategies to help them understand and support survivors on their recovery journey while paying attention to their own self-care.


Who should attend?
Partners, friends, family and loved ones of adults who have experienced any form of childhood trauma and/or abuse.


Upcoming Sessions
• 9 March 2024 - Brisbane CBD (face-to-face)
• 16 March 2024 - Melbourne CBD (face-to-face)
• 23 March 2024 - Virtual Classroom delivered via Zoom
• 4 May 2024 - Sydney CBD (face-to-face)
• 15 June 2024 - Virtual Classroom delivered via Zoom


Registration can be made by the blueknot website:




4 May 2024 - Sydney CBD (face-to-face).
15 June 2024 - Virtual Classroom delivered via Zoom.

Free of charge