Arrangements for Records Relating to Former Wards



FIND have recently been in communication with the Director and Keeper of Public Records (PROV) in relation to the authorisation for DHS/FIND to release the original photos & letters held within a ward file.

The current practice has been to scan the original and supply a copy of the scanned letter &/or photo to the former ward.

FIND have been granted permission by the Keeper of Public Records to provide former wards with the original letters &/or photos held within their own ward file.

The provision of original letters &/or photos is subject to the following conditions:

  1. Any records released to a former ward must be accurately copied.
  2. Such copies created under this process must be retained on the relevant case file or other record from which the original was obtained.
  3. Original records must only be given to the person who is the subject of the record and who is the former ward of the State and not to any other individuals who claim relationship to the subject of the record.

FIND cannot guarantee that every former ward file will contain original letters &/or photos. In the cases that there are original letters &/or photos FIND will advise the former ward accordingly and provide them with that original copy. As noted above FIND will keep a copy on the DHS ward file record.

FIND continue to ensure that Government policy and legislative requirements are met and that continued support and access to records for former wards is maintained.

If you have any queries regarding the above information please contact FIND on 1300 769 926.