Beware of misleading websites, text messages and social media accounts



We are aware of a number of unauthorised websites, text messages and social media accounts sharing misleading and inaccurate information about the National Redress Scheme. Some of these may appear as search results through web browsers.

You should not click on links from these websites or texts or provide personal information that may put you at risk.

These unauthorised sourced include misinformation about:
• Eligibility for the National Redress Scheme
• Availability of $3000 redress payment through Centrelink
• A new ‘one off’ or ‘bonus’ payment for Age Pension customers
• Welfare payments from other countries
• Pictures of government officials

There may be additional messages sent which relate to Services Australia payments and eligibility.

Please be mindful if you receive one of these scams, contact Open Place 1800 779 379 or the National Redress Scheme 1800 737 377 if you are unsure.

For more information, please visit