Consultation Extension - Victorian Government Redress Scheme



The Victorian Government are providing the opportunity for people with lived or living experience, their families and carers and sector organisations (such as Open Place) to share their views regarding the upcoming Victorian Government Redress Scheme.

The consultation has been extended and will now be open until Friday 14 June.

Ways to participate:

Call on 1800 271 050 - The phone line will be open Monday to Friday between 9am and 1pm.


People do not need to share their personal experiences and can request to receive a copy of the notes from the phone conversations.


Consultation questions

Here are some questions to help guide your input.
• What should be the main purpose and principles of the Victorian redress program?
• Who should be eligible for the Victorian redress program?
• What information should we ask people to give in their application for redress?
• What should the redress offer include? Should it include payment, counselling and support services, restorative engagement (such as an apology or acknowledgement)?
• What do you think is important in relation to redress payment?
• What should the application and assessment process for redress be?