Newsletter Update - Forced Adoption Exceptional Circumstances Fund closed on Friday 23 June 2023.



In the June Newsletter, Open Place provided information about the Victorian Government Forced Adoption Exceptional Circumstances Fund.

Unfortunately we have since heard that this fund was closed on Friday 23 June, 2023 and will not receive any new applications.

We are sorry for any disappointment caused by providing information in our newsletter about the fund so close to the closing date.

The Victorian Government is developing a historical forced adoption redress scheme mothers who were forcibly separated from their babies. Consultation on the redress scheme has commenced, including surveys with mothers and advocacy groups.
The government will be considering options to research redress for other cohorts, including people who were forcibly adopted.

You can make an enquiry about Victorian Government’s response, by emailing the Forced Adoptions Inquiry Implementation team at

You can find out more information about the upcoming scheme as well as links to specialist support here