Update About Melbourne Response



You will have seen the media release from Truth Justice Healing Council about additional payments via the Melbourne Response. Open Place has written to Melbourne Response seeking clarifications. The questions put to Melbourne Response are below:

  • Are additional Payments available only to those who have been sexually abused? What is available to those who have been criminally abused while in “care” but not sexually abused?
  • What process exists for those who have not previously been a part of the Melbourne Response? What do survivors need to do to get access to this redress scheme?
  • If survivors accept this additional payment will they be obliged to sign a deed of release preventing them from taking any civil action?
  • How is the Melbourne Response disseminating this information about a review and additional repayments? Will those who are on your books be contacted individually?
  • Will all those who apply (under the conditions) be “topped” up to the maximum of $150,000?

Open Place will place the answers to these questions (if responded to) on our website.