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Forgotten Australians Memorial – Victoria

A memorial for Forgotten Australians was unveiled on 25 October 2010 at Southbank as a lasting recognition of the experiences of Care Leavers. It was created by artist Helen Bodycomb and the plaque accompanying the memorial reads:

World within, world without (2010) by Helen Bodycomb
‘This artwork reflects the constellations above Victoria at 11am on 16 November 2009, when Prime Minister Kevin Rudd made his national apology to the “Forgotten Australians”. Wattle blossoms represent the one thousand most visible stars and planets, one for every 100 children who were in Victorian state care. Here we remember those thousands of children who were separated from their families and grew up or spent time in Victorian orphanages, children’s homes and foster homes last century. Many were frightened, abused and neglected. We acknowledge the many shattered lives and the courage and strength of those who survived'.